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Google TV is just another platform for Android developers to showcase their skills and therefore the app development is largegly the same, but there are some significant differences which developers should know while designing Google TV Android apps. Let me demonstrate by giving the example of LifeView, an app developed by 3PillarLabs just to ensure we have a firm grasp on the basics by the end of this blog.

Write down device IP address from settings application. The app will show albums and photos from Facebook and Twitter. User will be able to load photos and albums and browse them in the gallery. This step involves creation of the LeftNavBar and adding buttons for Facebook and Twitter on the navigation bar. The library contains classes that facilitate putting action controls on the left side of the screen.

Here you can see how we managed to add two tabs i. Facebook and Twitter and their corresponding click calling methods to load albums.

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This part is related to core logic of app and not specific to Google TV app development. We are using socialauth-Android library to include social networks Facebook and Twitter in app. The library will help us to handle secure authorization and return with albums and photos. Using View Flipper, we create the gallery to show photos from albums.

Since the photos are of high resolution, the system is susceptible to get a memory error, so therefore we create a solution to handle large resolution images first. Run the app and you will see the LifeView app with screenshots shown right at the start of the blog. As discussed, Google TV app development should be easy for Android developers and going forward it will open up new set of smart TV solutions.

It will help developers to showcase their skills in newer ways and create new routes to revenue. Vineet Aggarwal is a Sr. Hap is there, having successfully traveled to this new dimension. But he hears someone call OA "Brit," and quickly catches on.

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He switches to a British accent, and identifies himself as "Jason Isaacs" while saying he's married to "Brit. As "Brit" leaves the set in an ambulance with "Jason" at her side, we see what looks like a different version of Steve played by Patrick Gibson run behind the vehicle and jump inside. He takes "Brit's" hand, and looks at "Jason.

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Steve successfully made it to this dimension, and is there to protect OA. Though at first the finale seems jarring, as if "The OA" decided to break the fourth wall, the dimension shown to us is probably not meant to be the actual real world. But Marling and Isaacs are not married in real life, nor has Marling ever worn her hair in that short, cropped blonde style. But more importantly, the whole second season was building up to the revelation of this new dimension in which OA would be an actress playing the character of OA.

This wasn't a last-minute twist, but is instead meant to be a lead into a possible "Part III. To get our bearings, it's essential to first recap what happened throughout the first two seasons that led us here, and the different versions of reality shown so far. We know OA, Hap, and Homer are bound by some greater force. In all of their dimensions, their lives interlink like a "cosmic family," as Elodie explains to OA.

Top 75 spaceships in movies and TV part 2

Elodie says events in one dimension "echo" in nearby dimensions around it at the same time. We can map their connections across dimensions by looking at how their stories all connect. Hap meeting OA when she was Prairie Johnson on season one. Season one's dimension was one in which OA and Homer were held captive by Hap in his North Dakotan house the location of which he revealed on "Part II" and forced to die again and again in his experiments.

Over the course of their many deaths, OA and Homer and the other prisoners were given a set of movements that would allow them to travel between dimensions. By proxy, Hap was shown the movements too. Realizing they had all five movements and would use them to escape, Hap took OA to a random road and left her there. Hap then returned to his other four captives and forced them all to do the movements and travel to a new dimension where they had alternate lives in San Francisco.

Left behind, OA formulated a plan to get back to Homer with whom she had fallen in love. These characters are also known by fans as the Crestwood Five. They learned the movements, and by the end of season one they would perform the movements and help OA travel to the same San Francisco dimension where Hap had taken Homer. The Crestwood Five performed the movements when a school shooter arrived on their campus.

But she is a wealthy writer and "medium" who can communicate with nature and trees.

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Nina was working with Dr. Hap traveled into Dr. Percy's body, just as OA travels into Nina's body.

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  • In this dimension, Hap is continuing Dr. Percy's work of experimenting with the house Nina owns in Nob Hill. He discovers that the house "awakens" a literal seed inside of people's brains. Hap has been keeping these people in a pool inside his lab, where the seeds bloom into a garden. More than once on the show, "a garden of forking paths" has been used by Hap as a metaphor for the existence of multiple dimensions.

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    This metaphor became literal in the San Francisco dimension. Hap says he's been making an inter-dimensional map of all possible universes.

    90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days S03E10 Treat Me Right Part-2 (October 6, 2019)

    One of those possible destinations on the map Hap makes is the London dimension we see at the end of "Part II. Those actors share the same names with the real cast of Netflix's "The OA. The existence of this alternate "Brit Marling" character in another dimension was teased from the very first episode of season two.

    'Part II' ends with the revelation of a new, meta dimension

    When Karim meets Fola played by Zendaya on the first episode, she tells him that the game goes "in real life" at a certain point. She made it to the Rose Window in the house, and we believe she was transported into "Ian's" body in the London dimension. I want to send you there, to the moment you can show yourself your true face, your pure being, and reawaken to your mission. Old Night is the octopus Nina Azarova would communicate with as a performance.

    She then had a flash of a scene on an airplane, and the aspect ratio for the episode changed the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen get slightly wider. The resolution quality also changes, and becomes slightly more granular.

    Though OA and the audience couldn't have known at the time, she was looking at herself in Dimension Three, where "Brit" the actress plays OA. This is what Old Night meant when he said OA would "forget her true nature. We know it's the same dimension because the aspect ratio and resolution quality match those final scenes of "Part II.

    We heard a description of this on the seventh episode of "Part II," but again there wasn't the proper context for us to understand it at the time. I saw OA. It was her, and not her Hap didn't call her OA. He called her Brin, or something.