Manual Tipping Point to Happiness

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The Magic Number which represents the Tipping Point of Financial Happiness

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Awaken Your Buddha Within

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Tipping Point to Happiness

No notes for slide. Embrace and Drive Change 3. Create Fun and a Little Weirdness 4. Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded 5. Pursue Growth and Learning 6.

Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit 8. Do More with Less 9. Be Passionate and Determined In order to effect a change — both in personal life or community at large — sometimes what it takes is just a tiny modification in the ways things are done.

Tipping Point - Mess of Happiness

The change might be deceptively simple but the impacts are phenomenal. The moment at which an epidemic or a virus reaches critical mass, it is poised to enjoy sudden and dramatic growth almost overnight.

To visualize this concept, think of a balanced beam. When a certain pressure is applied beyond a certain Tipping Point, the beam will tip toward that direction. The emergence of new ideas, products, and consumer preferences follow the three Laws of Epidemics rather than conventional cause-and effect relationships.

The three critical traits of epidemics are:.

To actually reach and move beyond the Tipping Point, a new epidemic, virus or idea must obey three basic rules:. The process of spreading an epidemic is never a mass effort. Instead, the huge chunk of the work will be done by a handful of exceptional people who have the right skill sets.

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