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When we evolve from listener to storyteller, we become elevated in our children's eyes as we remind them that yes, this is only a story as we watch the same reactions played out around the campfire and realize that though the faces have changed, the reactions are universal. Ghost stories fill us with fear and dread.

Three Ghost Stories by Charles Dickens

But then they're over, and we return to our comfortable lives. They help us to bond, become a haven, ride the lost rush of adrenaline and create memories on starry nights with those we love. Find out the 20 scariest movies of all time. We retell ghost stories because we're rarely alone when we're listening or telling them.

'Ghost Stories' Updates British Anthology Horror with Three Unsolved Ghost Cases

Stories of the dead and mutilated, it seems, will abate loneliness. Because there is no better feeling than tumbling into closeness after a good scare. For some of us, they are a journey to another place, and they allow us to exorcise the hidden demons and monsters in our own imaginations, to voice them, and maybe to overcome fears. Ghost stories give us perspective. They allow us to escape the everyday.

Poor Derek, Jason and the rest of the lot, wandering the Earth, stuck in purgatory with an ax to grind, literally. Years ago, during my nomadic 20s, my sister and I went camping in the White Mountains, just the two of us, to try to repair our strained relationship.

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We made a fire and told the ghost story of Derek. And after, both of us -- independent, stubborn, strong women bent on finding ourselves -- ran screaming back into our tent and clung to each other for dear life until we fell asleep. Today, we swear there was something lurking outside our tent for the next hour.

I have the scars to prove it. She dug her nails into my arm so deeply, she drew blood. Somewhat unknown overseas, Tsuruta has directed many other horror films and is known locally as the father of J-horror. The mix of ancient and modern, the supernatural and the quotidian, made for a killing at the box office.

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Nakata and Shimizu went to Hollywood to direct remakes of their own horror hits, while in Japan, producer Takashige Ichise began cranking out a series of similar films complete with vengeful curses and dead kids with white faces. Audiences began to tire of the sameness and the genre eventually retreated back to the fringes of the industry, like a vampire heading back to its coffin as the sun comes up.

The last of those three was based on a an old Chinese ghost story and remade six more times by , though these versions are all lost. The story tells of a young man who falls in love with the beautiful Otsuyu, who is later revealed to be a ghost.