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Hunter & The Bear - Nickajack.

The Cluny was a cosy venue for these boys so it would be great to see them in a larger setting. Thanks to gigantic for getting my tickets to me within three days of ordering. Hunter and the Bear have so much passion for what they do that you can't help but love them for it. Skillful musicianship, infectious tunes, and choruses you can join in with blend together for a great night out.

If you like it loud, you can't go far wrong with this band.

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We come with something that has that raw power and tends to hit people hard. The tune features a commanding vocal by Irvine and a clean, compact but hard-hitting solo by Hunter. Their vocal blend, which is like a sonic fingerprint, is unmistakable.

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Hunter and the Bear delivers deeply meaningful and visceral songs since they are aware of what they want and the act ignores trends. Hunter and the Bear earn high marks in the studio for its attention to detail and subtlety.


The band has more in common with Mark Knopfler and Bruce Springsteen than its contemporaries. We all love Dire Straits and we all grew up loving these bands with incredible vocals. Hunter and Irvine formed the band only two years ago while at university. Irvine had never been in a band. He sung while Hunter strummed along in their dormitory.

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Hunter gave Irvine some guitar lessons and the tandem was off and running. Then we went off to Scotland and spent two weeks writing songs and before we knew it, we needed a rhythm section.