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A scarce complete set of Yonge's translation of The Deipnosophists, in very attractive full-morocco binding. A collection of the works of Oliver Goldsmith. The tenth edition of these popular mythical tales with illustrations by John Leech and George Cruikshank. Twenty illustrative plates, plus decorative titlepages and illuminated letters and vignettes throughout the text. The Ingoldsby A very scarce edition of this religious work, in attractive leather binding. Written by the Reverend John Stevenson, the work is an exposition of the twenty-second psalm.

An uncommon biography of Diego Valazquex, in very attractive leather binding from Chambolle-Duru. Including a decorative title page depicting Velazquez, this mid-nineteenth century work offers interesting insight into the eminent Spanish The volumes are written in French.

Including maps and timelines, history and analysis, the volumes A two volume set of The Leisure Hour, in attractive leather binding. Comprising of each issue from January 3rd up until December 31st , this interesting set features the original decorative covers to each issue, and offers Including a history of his reign and of his life after his abdication, where he retired to a monastery in Yuste, written A scarce first edition of this collection of writings by Thomas Hearne, in very attractive leather binding.

A set of two French language novels, in very attractive leather binding. Writers in the early-science fiction and adventure genres respective, Souvestre and Aimard were both popular writers of the nineteenth century, with these two A very handsome collection of the late Poet Laureate's works. Revered by Sir Walter Scott, Dryden was an English poet and essayist, who for some time gave his name to the literary culture of Restoration England An extremely scarce Nineteenth Century book of the bye-laws of a Newport Freemasonry lodge, in prize binding.

A very scarce account of a Victorian detective, in very attractive leather binding. A eight volume set of this French-language history of the press in France, in attractive half-morocco bindings. Written by Eugene Hatin, a noted French historian, journalist and bibliographer of the Nineteenth Century, the volumes make A collection of the misadventures of Tyll Owlglass, in attractive leather binding. Volume one is now surprisingly hard to find and must have been published in a rather tentatively small run.

Later on of course it In keeping with Cornhill's status as one of the leading literary journals of the Nineteenth Century, A set of scarce Latin theological volumes, in attractive leather binding. A scarce collection of The Philobiblion, in attractive leather binding. Contaning volumes one and two, the works were published in New York and contain critical notices of rare, curious and valuable old books, with various decorative A handsomely bound collection of the essays of Thomas de Quincey.

An attractive set of works by Thomas de Quincey in Hatchard and Co. Fourteen volumes of original sixteen, with volumes fifteen and sixteen missing. Nine of the fourteen volumes have engraved frontispieces. Volumes include:v An uncommon edition of this Latin religious work, in attractive leather binding. A edition of this reference book for students of natural history, in very attractive calf binding. Including plates and vignettes throughout of the animals described, as well as a pull out map to endpages.

The work is decoratively A six volume set of Alexander William Kingslake's history of the Crimean War, missing the final two volumes. A scarce book of religious poetry in very attractive leather binding. Alexander, the author of Hymns for Little Children, the volume's collection of sacred poetry is aimed for children from age eight A history of the wars between , in very attractive leather binding. With eight colour plates, as well as numerous other illustrations throughout, the work focusses on the rise of the Dutch Republic up until the death of Cromwell.

A two volume, early edition of Trollope's Orley Farm, in attractive leather binding. An yearly edition of Good Words, in attractive leather binding and with plates throughout. A Victorian literary periodical aimed at evangelicals and nonconformists, the publication achieved popularity among the lower middle classes A uniformly bound collection of the works of Thomas Carlyle.

Carlyle 4 December 5 February was a Scottish philosopher, satirical writer, essayist, historian and teacher during the Victorian era. His combination of A scarce two volume set of this collection of anecdotes, recollections and essays, in one handsomely bound leather volume. Written by Whig politician Grantley F. Berkeley, the work contains writings on diverse subjects such as the relationship An uncommon edition of Beeton's Boy's Annual, in leather binding. Including a colour frontispiece plate and many in-text illustrations, the work is affixed with two other works entitled Cudjo's Cave and The Three Scouts, making for A first edition of this work by "Scrutator" , in very attractive leather binding.

Deuxième partie : Guerres et paix : histoire des idées et idées de l’histoire

A volume comprising of sixteen very scarce religious and political pamphlets, in attractive leather binding. Dealing primarily with the organisation and systems of the Church of England, there are several other interesting works here A scarce, complete set of this extensive bibliographer's guide. Written by William Thomas Lowndes, and revised for this new, large-paper edition with appendix by Henry G.

Bohn, the work is an exhaustive account of "rare, curious and Twenty-five volumes of the centenary edition of the Waverley novels by Sir Walter Scott. A very scarce edition of the complete works of Lord Macaulay, in attractive uniform binding. A scarce volume containing two Portuguese plays, in very attractive leather binding. Written by J. Ricardo Cordeiro Junior, the works are a drama in five acts, and a comedy in one respectively. A scarce poem by Richard Henry Horne, in very attractive leather binding. Printed for private distribution, this unusal poem bears the sub-title "a sub-marine dialogue" and takes the form of a conversation between "the telgraph" and Featuring a colour decorative title page, as well as a portrait and facsimile signature of the author, the work A scarce two volume set of London Society, in attractive leather binding.

Described as a "illustrated magazine of light and amusing literature for the hours of relaxation" , the volumes contain plates throughout, with serialised stories Known best of her work Le Recit d'une Soeur, Craven's life was was elsewhere for her correspondence with A very scarce seven volume, complete set of this collection of the works of Bocage, in very attractive leather binding.

A first edition of this volume on coaching, in very attractive leather binding. Written by nineteenth century army officer and writer Lord William Pitt Lennox, the work provides interesting insight into coaching, with accounts of numerous A beautifully bound copy of Smiles' work on character. Vie de Jesus is a hugely influential work, noting that Jesus should be seen and studies as any historical figure, and that Christianity A smartly bound set of these intriguing discussions on morality by Sir Arthur Helps , an English writer and dean of the Privy Council.

First published between and , Friends in Council presents a series of dialogues A complete, thirteen volume set of this French language Encyclopedia of Religious Studies, in attractive leather bindings. Written by Frederic Auguste Lichtenberg, a noted French theologian and religious professor in the Protestant Twelve of the 24 volumes. In uniformly bound straight grain morocco MacLehose, Glasgow bindings.


The following volumes are present: I. Romola III. Silas Marner, A uniformly bound collection of the essays of Thomas de Quincey.

The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft

Fourth edition. A two volume, complete set of this bibliography of therapeutics. Written by Edward John Waring, MD, the work contains numerous critical, historical, and therapeutical annoations, and an appendix containing the bibliography of British A scarce set running complete from to Founded on 2 January , the A twenty volume set of the works of Charles Kingsley.

The Gamester () (TREDITION CLASSICS) by Edward Moore

Twenty of total twenty-eight volumes. Lacking volumes 8 and With 45 plates spread over the volumes, A five volume set of French art catalogues dating from the late Nineteenth Century, in attractive quarter-morocco bindings. Cataloguing the Paris Salon's from , the volumes contain plates and reproductions of the works throughout, A monthly literary periodical which achieved success rivalling Thackeray's Cornhill Magazine, Temple Bar published work by the likes of Wilkie Collins, A uncommon early French edition of this novel by Alphonse Daudet, in attractive leather binding.

Translated as The Kings In Exile, the work is in keeping with Daudet's stringent monarchism and reactionary viewpoints. A very scarce collection of archaeology papers, in very attractive leather binding. Including works on the Tel-E-Yadoudeh Jewish mound and the monuments of the Hittites, the work contains plates, diagrams and fold-outs throughout, offering A set of works on the Paris-Salons of , in attractive quarter-calf bindings. Bournand, who also introduce the works and describe the pieces A smart uniformly-bound collection of novels by Charles Kingsley.

Charles Kingsley was a scholar, historian, novelist and priest of the Church of England. A first edition of Stanley Harris' The Coaching Age, in very attractive leather binding with gilt fore-edge. A handsomely bound copy of Old Coaching Days. An attractive twelve volume set of the Thackeray's works, in very attractive leather bindings and with plates and illustrations throughout. Twelve volumes of The Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne. From The Riverside Press, Cambridge.

A scarce and complete two volume set of The Essays of Shirley, in attractive publishers' binding. The pseudonym of the author John Skelton, "Shirley" would contribute numerous essays to various publications on a range of subjects, with A very handsome little edition of this Belle Epoque novel.

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  8. Victor Cherbuliez was a French novelist and member of the Academie Francaise. The son of a Classics professor, Cherbuliez had a life-long attraction to teaching and A set of ten classic French language novels, in attractive uniform leather binding. An anthological work of traditional Scottish tales. Complete, with 24 volumes bound as In lovely uniform half calf bindings with the scottish thistle gilt stamped to the spines. Two historical essays by the English novelist, priest and historian Charles Kingsley in an attractive binding by Mudie.

    With a frontispiece engraving of Walter Raleigh A very scarce novel by "The Bar Harbour Nine" , in very attractive leather binding. Collation available for volume II, complete.

    War and Peace: Some Representations of Nostalgia and Adventure in the Eighteenth Century

    No collation available An illustrated edition of Surtees' Hillingdon Hall, in very attractive leather binding. Containing twelve colour plates by various illustrators, the work is a fine example of Victorian upper-class humour, as well as of Surtees' unique A decoratively bound copy of Mr. Bancroft On and Off The Stage. Towering figures of Nineteenth Century theatre, the Bancrofts were noted as instigating a new form of drama known as the "drawing-room comedy" or "cup and saucer A uncommon US first edition of this novel by S.

    Weir Mitchell, in attractive leather binding.