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Bates and Roy G. Forest Service, International Programs Archives. David E. George T. William N. For number of species, see Frank J. By the year , owing to the negative ecological effects from the opening of the ocean inlets in the late s, the Indian River Lagoon had become very brackish, causing a host of new environmental problems. The increased salinity of the lagoon, for example, killed off the oyster beds.

Another problem has been pollution and pesticides being flushed into the Indian River from man-made canals. Arthur C. White Stork File Washington, D.

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See also J. Hancock, J. Kushlan, and M. II London: Edward Cumley, , pp. More than thirty bird species used Pelican Island as a rookery, feeding ground, or loafing area.

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Among the most common besides brown pelicans were the wood stork, great egret, snowy egret, reddish egret, great blue heron, little blue heron, double-crested cormorant, anhinga, white ibis, American oystercatcher, and common moorhen. Fish and Wildlife Service content source , J. Emmett Duffy topic ed. Cleveland ed. First published October 16, ; last revised January 31, ; retrieved September 13, Robert E. Elizabeth S.

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Austin ed. Chapman quoted in Frank Graham, Jr. Also special thanks to William Reffalt. Reffalt, the original author, is a retiree of the U. Fish and Wildlife Service, a former chief of the Division of Refuges, and a current volunteer. Charles W.

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Stuart B. Jack E. McIver, Death in the Everglades , p. Knopf, , pp. Paul Tritaik to Douglas Brinkley, Marc 25, Spoke to Tritaik around a dozen times. Haines, The Yellowstone Stories, Vol. He is a cutting-edge new environmental historian whose expertise pertains to the Rocky Mountains. Howells quoted in William M. Erin H. Address by John F. Henry S. Group letter from Del Monte, California. Also see David S. Max Frost and Paul A. Richard G. Edison, N. Pamphlet produced by the state of California.

Osborn quoted in Edwin Way Teale ed. John Muir, Linnie Marsh Wolfe ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, , p. John Muir to Dr. The actual title of the painting was Evening at Mt.

Gustav Stickley

According to Out West , T. Shasta is the grandest sight in Nature I have ever witnessed, and I never expected to see such a good reproduction of it on canvas. Kohler, All Creatures, p.

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  3. HOPE Magazine Summer 2007 - Volume 2, Number 3;
  4. William L. Worth Mathewson, William L. Mathewson, William L. Washington Evening Star January 22, White House Historical Assocation archives updated. Bellavia and George W. Online study group. Enos A. This is a revised edition of the first printing in The apostrophe has been deleted.

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    Department of Agriculture Brochure No. Part of the Mini-histories of the Forest Service Series. July 27, Fish and Wildlife, Shepherdstown, W. Gleason, , p.

    Also see Lewis Gould, ed. Dennis M. This is an unpublished manuscript. William Caire, Jack D. Tyler, Bryan P. Glass, and Michael A. Lawton, Okla. Also Richard C. Andrew C. Officially the bison were protected by proclamation June 2, , 34 Stat.