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In that sense, I felt this one was rushed in terms of the relationship progress. Plus I couldn't help it, I still squeaked when I read the sex scenes! There were pretty long scenes, considering that this was only a novella-length. I wasn't comfortable with some of the words used, and I guess I prefer read 3. Her characters were wonderful to read, and I enjoyed her humor. The disaster at the Thanksgiving dinner was funny, and I loved the dialog exchanges between Keighley and Brooke. About women.

Beautiful and special and different and something altogether made of miracles. Lesbians, made of miracles.

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So despite the rushed story, despite my skimming the sex scenes altogether I guess I still loved this novella for the writing and the characters. No high rating is required for any ARC received. Nov 08, Luce rated it liked it Shelves: romance , read , holiday , job-artist-photographer-graphics , humor , family , series , novella , job-business-accountant-finance. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. So far the books are only connected by a tattoo parlor, Belladonna Ink which if I remember correctly it was only just mentioned in the first book.

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So although I enjoyed this book, it didn't meet my expectations. Maybe it's unfair, but oh, well. What I did love - great family Thanksgiving! It was great fun 3. It was great fun and humor and Brooke got her Turkey and sweet potatoes covered with marshmallows. Which is also my favorite and essential dish.

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Only my sister and I like it so we get it all to ourselves. So I could completely relate. I liked Keighley and Brooke, probably Brooke a little more because her backstory and issues was more interesting and probably still more to tell. I had a couple of quibbles that prevents me from giving this 4 stars.

Brooke's stories about her past didn't always add up. But then Keighley was fine with that. I guess I should too. I'm not that much of a prude, but I don't care for the word and it also seemed out of place in this book. So it bothered me every time Keighley said it. I did like this book. I will probably re-read it and I may change the rating to 4 stars.

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I'm looking forward to the next book in this series - I predict it will be about the tattoo artist Callista. Or rather I hope it will be. Aug 18, M. Hollis rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley , girls-girls-girls , lgbqtia , reads. I loved reading this. The smut is just the kind I love reading in books.

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The only thing that made me confused was that there wasn't enough background about the main character. I don't know if maybe I couldn't understand because this is part of a series, tbh. But overall I really enjoyed and recommend just for the nice smut and witty lines. Nov 28, Rain rated it really liked it Shelves: lgbt , read-in-english , netgalley. It's about year-old Keighley, who's not really looking forward to her family's Thanksgiving dinner and dealing with her fundamental aunt Daphne.

She wants nothing more than to show up with a date, so one thing leads to another and she's suddenly checking out Craigslist, where she finds an ad with a hard to resist offer: "Thanksgiving arrives in one week and one day. And despite being a novella, with the exception of one particular event view spoiler [Brooke getting a dog and showing up at Keighley's - after a few days of 'breaking up'? It seems like such an important decision to be made in just a matter of days, considering her life, past, and previous reluctance to care for a pet hide spoiler ] , I didn't feel the story was rushed.

For me, there was enough time to know the characters and dog s! What can be expected: Family drama, dog drama, relationship drama, likable main and secondary characters, and a few steamy scenes, all wrapped in an ultimately sweet and fun story.

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Jun 07, namericanwordcat rated it really liked it Shelves: tattoo-artist , california , ff-romance , devout , contemporary-romance-series , arc-author , hair-of-a-different-color , tattooed-lady , thanksgiving , contemporary-romance. There is a lot to love about this book. The cute meet and first date is epic. The chemistry explosive. The heroines are funny.

However, the love story stalls and ends just when I think there should at least 6 more chapters. We need more. I love that Brooke goes to the UU church for example. It would be great that after the I love yous we got to see them as a real couple and this was an aspect of the plot. Brooke is really closed off and we are in Kayleigh's head so I really needed more 3.

Brooke is really closed off and we are in Kayleigh's head so I really needed more to be content in the love story. Let's see the work life balance in action. And so on until some other kind of HEA I was given this book for my honest review. So, there you have it! Feb 04, Jessica Alcazar rated it really liked it Shelves: brown-lorelie , romance-ff , netgalley. As I like to do first when this happens I haven't had a chance to pick up Far From Home , but it is on deck. These two ladies were a delight to read. The story is short but also packs a punch.

It's sexy and witty and just a lot of fun. They felt very kismet to me and so opposite. It was fun to read them both getting what they least expected out of each other.

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However, the story should As I like to do first when this happens However, the story should probably have been a bit longer. How long I don't know, but there is a lot of insta going on here that didn't quite ring true to me. I also think with this story, we might have benefited a bit with dual POV.

It would have added depth to their journey, IMO. Overall, I enjoyed this book very much and I would recommend it to anyone that asked. I love the series description and I hope to read even more! Mar 20, anna readingpeaches rated it liked it Shelves: 1-contemporary , 2-lgbt-authors , 3-fake-dating , 4-siblings , 2-lgbt , 5-new-adult , 2-ownvoices , 2-sapphic , shorts.

Apr 24, Natasha rated it liked it Shelves: lgbtqiap-f-f , lgbtqiap-all , sapphicathon , lgbtqiap-lesbian. SapphicAThon: Non coming out story I have mixed feelings about this book. The fake dating aspect of it is minimal which was disappointing and it was too short. It needed more time to develop the characters and their relationship, instead it was just rushed.

It was overall, just okay. Although, there was a joke that was really not okay.