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Upper East River has welcomed its very first settlers, and they could hardly be better suited to life here. Their names are Lucilla and Mark Hoshor, and their story embodies the lifeblood of Savannah: its people and their talents; the culture they create together and the histories they build.

Uncovering the Buried History of Savannah's 'Ghost Tours' | To The Best Of Our Knowledge

Lucilla and Mark relocated to the. Join our list to be notified when the initial lot offerings and model homes are open.

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Located in Historic Downtown Savannah. Explore The Neighborhood. The Neighborhood. A new residential development in historic downtown Savannah. Explore the Neighborhood.

True Story: Savannah

Development Team. An experienced team with solid financial backing and a proven track-record. Meet the Team. Upper East River Neighborhood Guide.

After doing some research, Savannah found Dr. Huggins, M. Huggins was very supportive of her birth plan and hope of an unmedicated birth. After hearing that Dr.

Huggins was on vacation, she met his covering physician, Dr. Jamie Routman, M.

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Routman committed to staying past her shift to ensure that she was able to follow her birth plan and provide Savannah with a great experience. Savannah labored on the yoga ball throughout the night with nurses by her side supporting her during each contraction. Routman and the nurses cheered me on every step of the way.

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