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Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Then, generate leads by adding a call to action to download your audiobook version. Win and win! SlideShare has a built-in lead generation tool that allows you to convert your SlideShare audience into email subscribers. All you have to do is follow our step-by-step tutorial here see 7. Plus, you can create a lead magnet from it. A roundup post is essentially a list of tips or techniques from other experts in your industry. To write one, you simply need to interview people and pull all of the quotes together into one big post.

For example, I wrote a popular roundup post where I asked 13 seasoned entrepreneurs to give their best beginner advice. Now, I actually could have interviewed a lot more than 13 people. So what I could have done is interviewed even more experts, and then offered the complete roundup as a free download.

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Or, I could have simply summarized all of the expert responses into actionable takeaways, and packaged that as a lead magnet. Either way, it would make for a great content upgrade to an already high-performing post. Sometimes your email newsletter itself is so irresistible that it is the lead magnet.

A great example is a business called The Hustle.

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The Hustle sends you a funny, entertaining email each morning with all the top tech and business news for the day. The best part about this lead magnet is that the subscriber is already expecting the emails. Do you have lots of different educational lead magnets? All you need is one big page on your site with the links to download each of your lead magnets and put that page behind an optin form. A quiz has the user answer a series of questions and then spits out a result.

Rachel Ray had a quiz on what type of clutterer you are. Hostel Bookers created a quiz about what type of traveler you are. Forbes had a quiz that helped prospective college students find the perfect college for them. To create a quiz like this, you can use a tool like Qzzr. Qzzr also allows you to drive social traffic to your quiz and generate leads with it. However, even a survey can be used as a lead magnet with a compelling call to action. Just make sure that you use a tool like OptinMonster to present the survey only to users who have visited at least 4 pages on your site.

One of the most effective lead magnets is the giveaway. Manifesto A manifesto is a simple declaration of your values. It makes a great lead magnet because your ideal audience will naturally be drawn to it. Well, when CopyMonk released their first comic strip, it went viral in the copywriting community…. Are you an artist, designer or a photographer? The best thing about desktop wallpaper is that it serves as a constant reminder of your brand. This can be a great way to make sure a lead thinks of you when they are thinking about who to hire for their next photoshoot or design project.

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Simply ask users to create an account with you in order to use your app. Then, you can send them emails to help increase their engagement, and encourage them to buy your premium product. Businesses like to create communities in order to have a dialog between their brand and their prospects. There are several reasons why this lead magnet is so genius, and why you should think about doing a challenge as a lead magnet too….

Thinking about creating your own membership site? You might want to consider offering free registration. My Copyblogger Membership is a great example of using a membership site as a lead magnet. I especially love their use of social proof and fear of missing out. Check out our top picks for WordPress membership site plugins!

It just goes to show that people really do value communities. I tested a few different offers instead, such as a checklist of exercises that every pregnant woman should avoid. Depending on your target market and where they hang out online, a Facebook group may not be a feasible option. However, you could offer a Slack group instead. This can be a really fun—and powerful—way to build a community around your brand. Usually, the goal of a lead magnet is to move top of funnel prospects into the middle of your funnel , or the evaluation phase.

However, not all customer journeys are that linear. You need to be prepared for these hot prospects by building lead magnets at the bottom of your funnel. Most software companies will have a large call to action to sign up for a free trial or demo right on their homepage. SnackNation offers a free sample box of their product.

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They just ask for your work email address no credit card required. A coupon works really well at the bottom of your funnel because most people who make online purchases like to shop around for deals. Your brand should be there to give those people what they are looking for in exchange for their email address, of course. Prospects at the bottom of the funnel love to read case studies. This type of lead magnet could give them that one last push they need to buy your product. This is simply a compilation of case studies from people who used their service, packaged in PDF format.

Do you have an upcoming product launch? You can use a waitlist to collect the emails of prospects at the bottom of your funnel. This way, they can collect email addresses of bottom-of-funnel prospects all throughout the year, and build up anticipation for the program.

To sweeten the deal of getting on your waitlist, you might want to offer an early bird discount. This is a great way to reward your most enthusiastic prospects at the bottom of your funnel. Free shipping is one of those things that everyone wants when it comes to shopping online.

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So if someone is really close to making a purchase, free shipping just might be the offer that seals the deal. Many lawyers offer free consultations as lead magnets. This could be a great bottom of funnel offer for you as well if you offer a service. The best thing about a free consult is that it gives you a very natural excuse to ask for the email address, and even a phone number and other relevant information. If you need to close someone over the phone, this is a natural opportunity to do that.

Instead of a free consultation, you could offer a free quote. With most lead magnets, you would never be able to ask for this much information upfront. However, because a free quote is at the bottom of your funnel, these prospects are more willing to give out their detailed information. Just remember to ask for their email address on the order form. Go ahead and pick one of these high-converting lead magnet ideas, and then tweak it to create your own. Get started with OptinMonster today to convert more website visitors into subscribers!

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Woah, Mary…Thanks for all the examples. The points are very easy to go through with them. Thanks for the post, Mary. Comprehensive list. Thanks to you!

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Thanks for the comment, Jaseem! This is so very thorough and clear. Great work!! Hi Mary, Thanks for the wonderful tips. Which of these do you think fits for a digital marketing plan for primary and secondary schools. Any of these ideas could work, but the obvious choice would be one of the educational lead magnets.

Good luck! I am so glad to have a chance to read your wonderful article. I am looking forward to read more of your works and posts. Thanks for sharing such a nice article. This is perfect!