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Do not be too restrictive and dominating in your relationships as this might spoil your relations with your partner. Overall love life for both married couples and singles will be excellent. Listening to each other and communicating is the best way to solve all differences.

Libra 2016 Tarot Year in Review

People belonging to the Scales sign should not let obsessiveness ruin their relations. Health will be superb in without any major ailments.

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Fitness training and healthy food will enhance your well-being. Avoid any kind of stress or overeating, as this might have adverse effects. You might also suffer from insomnia. The Libra astrology forecasts foretell that emotions will play an important role in your life this year. So be sure to keep them under control.

Yoga, meditation and other relaxation methods will help you greatly. Family outing to an idyllic space during the last quarter of will add spice to your family life. A romantic vacation with your spouse too is not a bad idea!

Libra (astrology)

The Libra Horoscope predicts that your relations with your loved ones will be good this year. This is an excellent time for making a new addition to your family. Family life will be pleasant with get-togethers and socializing. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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Libra 2015 Horoscope

Free Financial Astrology Reading. Test Now! This is an excellent time to do any brainstorming: Sagittarius is a fiery and driven energy. This New Moon will also inspire you to connect with your close friends and siblings and to get reacquainted with your neighborhood.

Libra Horoscope – Astrology King

Sagittarius loves an adventure, and this New Moon wants to show you that you can have one closer to home than you'd imagine, Libra. Power planet Pluto gets a lot of action in the middle of this month. Pluto's energy is similar to Scorpio's— it's all about transformation and renewal. It's a dominating force, and issues around power or manipulation often come up when we're experiencing a Pluto transit, as do problems caused by obsession and jealousy. Venus, your ruling planet, sextiles Pluto on December 17— this is an excellent time to check in on your boundaries concerning money, security, and your home.

We love sextiles: They require effort, but they're very helpful. A sextile between sweet Venus and transformative Pluto could also spell out some deepening or renewal around intimacy in your life, as well as a boost in confidence.

Mercury meets Pluto both of them in Capricorn on December 19, again bringing up themes around your safe space. Specifically, you'll be struggling with how to communicate these needs—perhaps you'll draft a letter stating what you need physically, financially, or emotionally, or you'll have an important realization. No matter what, you can expect to understand your power, know your own worth, and be confident in expressing yourself.

December 25's Full Moon highlights the part of your chart that rules success, fame, and fortune. You'll have plenty of realizations about what you want for yourself professionally or in the public realm.

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The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21, marking the Winter Solstice and highlighting the home and family center of your chart. It's time to get domestic and reflect on your roots, Libra! Your sign and Capricorn actually have more in common than you would think— you're both Cardinal signs, meaning you usher in a new season. You rule over Autumn, while Capricorn rings in Winter. Cardinal signs are no bullshit; they take action, they get things done, and they make things happen.

This season, you'll be manifesting new things around your home, your family, your creative efforts, and your schedule and daily habits.

Venus sextiles Jupiter on December 24, adding a dash of luck and love to your day. Jupiter is all about growth and abundance, so a positive connection with your ruling planet, lovely Venus, is always welcome. Use this luxurious and generous vibe to pamper yourself and get extra rest: You'll need it for the next day's Full Moon in Cancer on December Full Moons bring illumination, and they often bring a conclusion to some narrative that's been happening in your life.

Cancer is a psychic and creative sign, and this Full Moon highlights the part of your chart that rules success, fame, and fortune— basically, everything that your mind's not exactly focusing on, since so much of the astrological energy this month has been about home, roots, and privacy. But that's OK—the purpose of a Full Moon is to bring balance and to make us aware of both ends of whatever spectrum we're working. As you're sitting by some fire, connecting with loved ones and getting the proper distance you need from work, your goals, and your "public" life, you'll have plenty of realizations about what you want for yourself professionally or in the public realm.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder and the mind clearer. The end of the month will bring mental clarity and excitement in your relationships, and change is going down. More big shifts will go down on December 25 when Uranus goes direct.

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You'll especially feel this in your relationships. If things have been feeling stale, they'll definitely get shaken up— it's Uranus's job to do that! Change can be a good thing, and if you're hoping for things to turn around in your life, Uranus moving forward can bring the revamp you're looking for.

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  • December wraps up with your ruling planet, Venus, entering the sign of the seeker, Sagittarius, on December You'll find yourself inspired by exotic places and new ways of thinking with this transit. On a practical level, this celestial combo will also push you to be more expressive about your desires. Venus is all about desire, and, as I'm sure you know if you've ever met a centaur, Sag has a huge mouth. You have a big mouth, too, Libra—after all, you are a chatty and curious Air sign—but you're just so much more charming than Sagittarius is.