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Hell, Revealed. A new play examines the true story of A Beautiful Apocalypse. No admission to single sessions. Skip to main content.

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William Zinsser Aspects of memoir writing will be explored in five sessions. The benefits of writing short memoirs 2.

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Genres associated with memoir writing 3. Writing family histories 4. The role of humour in memoir writing 5.

Romantic memoir to Bluebird

The Hare with the Amber Eyes: a biography. London: Vintage. Like exactly what happened to my grandmother. I needed texture. Never a particularly eloquent conversationalist, I instead poured the experience into the three stories I wrote. Hopefully, you see that.

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  5. So while I feel like publishing the essay put a coda on one chapter, there are more stories I want to tell. Hopefully I get a chance to do that.

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    Stick around. Imagine me: looking for fragmented narratives and finding not just a fragmented memoir, but one written by a fellow veteran.

    The idea of breaking apart a narrative in memoir is a relatively recent phenomenon, especially in war memoir. The Forever War has produced far more traditional memoir structures than it has open forms. Perhaps the most postmodern of war memoirs to date, it has, as Charlie Sherpa put it in his review of the book, enough poetry, fiction, and nonfiction within its pages to satisfy a reader of any genre.

    Oh, and you should totally buy the book.

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    One of the things we talked about was the idea of the veteran writer who works both in journalism and the literary world; and how short the list really is.