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All the best. Thank you Irfan. This article is very useful to me because I had encountered Jinn 2 years ago and it was very difficult to come out of it. I had to visit numerous healers. Some says its hallucination and I still remember every event that has happened during those days. Eventually, I had a near death experience and recovered after hospitalized. It's horrible story Ha ha Don't really know how to write it I ask stupid questions even about my own religion to a point where many Muslims I have talked to about Islam consider me as either a useless Muslim or have labelled me a non-Muslim.

I would consider myself Lucky in the sense that I have had a little experience with both only touched the surface. Give it a go, keep the option of them existing open and you may just bump into a Jinn.

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A bit like a fairy tale I know Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for providing what you know about Jinn. I'm an atheist and sceptical, but I believe there is so much we don't know and it would be supremely arrogant to say that because I haven't seen any Jinn then they don't exist I also haven't seen the wind but we know it exists. I wonder if there are Jinn in New Zealand? Would be really good to sit down and talk with one.

It is possible but also can be a psychological blockage. There are many ways to curb the issues. But more detail would be required. Maybe if you can send an email through contact the author option we can discuss it. Take care. Do you have any information on djinn or those possessed by djinn not able to eat blessed food?

I read the translation of the tablet off Toth and to me it appears to be speaking of the creator; God. The Jinn are are creation of God. So the Toth is definitely not talking about the Jinn. Can the jinn be the same beings talked about in the emerald tablets of Toth? Or are they the shining ones?


No brother it is not shirk. When people were in trouble in life they turn to someone for advice and something to do. Many people went to the Prophet Muhammad and hazrat Umar for similar.

The World of the Jinn (part 1 of 2)

They did not commit shirk by asking for advice or help. Therefore going to a magician to cure yourself is not allowed. Therefore staying away from them is the recommended method. The main concern is that you do not go to someone who will not use magical methods to help you as it will take you further away from Allah. You go through problems with work etc in your life to break your bad characteristics and attributes in your personality.

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  • The problem only exists when you make it a problem. If you take it as the will of Allah and work with it then your life becomes easier to handle. Think about what you need to learn from this experience. Why have you been put in that situation by Allah?

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    For example if you remove expectations from other people you become less annoyed. Similarly you will find many other attributes which will lead you to understand yourself better. Sorry I wrote a bit too much. Hope it helps you and forgive me if I said anything wrong. Thank you for sharing this. So based on what you shared, if a so called "healer" comes to a person in trouble marriage problems, work problems or any other problem etc and the healer asks for the person's birth date, mother name and photo, the person should run as far away from that "healer" as it is a form of shirk?

    Hummm I myself studying and researching on jinns and I so far have about three years of a knowledge gathered. I understand this hub is a little lengthy but I wanted to fit everything in one place so you can have a good read with a cup of tea or coffee. Anyways, I look forward to your opinion once you have read it all. Exceptionally well written Hub I did read a few paragraphs It's a reference to alien abductions which people do claim.

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    I gave the example of a movie I had seen at the time. My main concern was to research the djinn, not the second half of which explains the phenomenon experienced by people. I only have a vague understanding of the phenomena because I've only experienced a few of what I've mentioned. Thanks for stopping by anyway.

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    Sorry, i thought you meant i needed to change the dissimilarity in my document Once again i say, i never asked for you to change your document. If you're only interested in the Quran and Hadith then i have given references to where you can find them in the Quran and Hadith. The link you posted did not give a reference therefore could have been invented, even though it could actually be true. It is a weak document therefore i cannot modify my document according to a weak reference. In some places i found people saying there are 6 types of jinn and they claim to "own" a jinn.

    If i do find the hadith then i will adjust accordingly, but until then it remains as it is. I hope you understand what i'm trying to say. The rest of your comment is too deep to talk about in a comments section. When 'Jinn' means 'unseen' or 'hidden', i don't think we ordinary people are meant to know very much or details about their hidden world. Why are they hidden? A quote from Thomas Edison: "We don't know one millionth of one percent about anything. Profound indeed! It is difficult too base your work on something without proper referencing, which leads to mis-information.

    I searched extensively through the hadith to find information which talk about the jinn. I can only put in what i believe to be true, therefore if you have proper references then let me know and i will make the changes. I came across many teachings by some very holy people and found they were using the scaring tactics to fulfill their own motives Great hub. Well written with concise information. I have also written an article on Jinns so please feel free to read. Your hub is epic. Very awesome stuff. It has been a while since I have really sat down and thought about those fire creatures called jinn.

    Liked how you formatted this. Very nice work. Dear I am very much pleased that you wrote very useful information which cleared my some ambiguities and answered my some of the questions. Well some useful information about Djinn The Djinn which is born with every human being is called "Hamzaad". I believe it is the most powerful kind of Djinn. H accepted Islam. So it is obvious that your Hamzaad cannot be of the same religion you belong to.

    But Not all Djinns are bad. Very lucky and pious muslims have the honour to meet or see him. People asked about Grey Aliens. And some captured them in Brazil. What are they.

    In fact there is a physical disorder in some Djinns. Once they change their shape or become visible from invisible state they sometimes get stuck in the same shape and cannot revert back to their original form or invisible form. And one such form is grey aliens.

    They use our Sun "Solaris" as the first gate to enter the second sky.. The gates are randomly appeared and vanished on the surface of sun as sunspots and even they open and close near Electron diffusion layer close to earth orbit where Sun's and Earth's magnetic fields meet each other.

    Djinn Study ~ The Mysterious World of Jinns + The Paranormal: DJinns - Wiki

    In fact majority of them live in sea beds and one proof is the Baltic Sean Anomaly which jams every electronic instrument which has been taken in the sea bed to capture its close footage or study any em signature. They have the advanced technology and there is an organization a community in mankind which has unfortunately made a contract with the Satanic Community of Djinns and have transferred technologies to and from each other.

    And we know those governments. Their projects everything. I have been searching for explanations about the Jinn, after my little run in with them. Although I'm not part of the Naqshbandi Sufi path , they were the only source of information that explained a lot of things I had experienced.